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May 2010, Paris

During a recent visit to Pizza Hut in Paris, we were informed by staff (after several lengthy enquiries) that the cheese used on their pizzas and pastas (which are incorrectly marked as suitable for vegetarians) include animal rennet and are therefore unsuitable for vegetarians. We understand that similar ingredients are used across the chain in France.

Please note that most serving staff will incorrectly inform you that the pizzas are suitable for vegetarians, as they seem unfamiliar with the actual underlying ingredients (and are rushed off their feet at busy times and cannot be bothered to check).

Further factual information on cheese and rennet use can be found at

If you are concerned about the use of animal rennet in cheese, please confirm the ingredients before you use Pizza Hut in continental Europe.

Additionally please note the following information received from Pizza Hut in the UK,


Thank you for your email regarding the type of rennet that is used within
our pizzas. I have looked into this matter and can confirm that a vegetable
rennet is used within Pizza Hut. This is used so that we can make sure all
of our vegetarian pizzas are definitely suitable for vegetarians.

Kind Regards

Pizza Hut Customer Service Team

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